Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Been a While

But we're back for now. Last week, we were hit with a violent stomach virus that went one by one through each kid. I'm glad I only got the bug mildly and Daddy was unaffected. He played nurse-maid most of the weekend.:) I told him he wasn't allowed to get sick this time. If he even felt a tinge of the queasies, I told him to get moving and get back to work. Having him and me down at the same time would have been disastrous.

This, of course, is one of the down sides of having a group of children all close in age. Chicken pox would run similarly through our house. Thankfully, Daddy and I have both had chicken pox. We don't vaccinate the kids...we think it's one of those childhood illnesses that builds character! Wicked aren't we!


  1. Oh man, sorry to hear about this. I think we must be living parallel lives, expect we're 4 1/2 kids behind. :) Kaylie got the stomach flu Mon night, I got it Wed night, and then Matt and Jack got it Thur night. It was UGLY! Glad you're all on the mend.

  2. Is this a national epidemic or what! CRAZY! Sorry to hear you guys also got hit.:( Paul actually came home at midday today because he finally came down with the bug. I was so sad to see him so weak today. I hate to see him shuffle around the house in his sweatpants and Univ. of Texas sweatshirt...I feel sorry for him. The girls and are fully better, but the boys are still struggling a little bit with the big D and I don't mean Dallas!:)

  3. Hey again, Heather!

    I noticed you commented on a few posts from a while back. I answered the one on Fall days, but not on the other...Dangerous book for Boys. Great book...Paul says we have to wait at least until the boys can read. Who needs to know how to read to make a stink bomb IMHO!!:)

    Thanks for your comments!

  4. I heard they came out with a Dangerous Book for Girls now too. Might have to do a search for it... but our Costco carries the boys one so maybe they'll start carrying the girls one too.

    Oh no, sorry to hear Paul got it too. Ugh. We all got it at night, so after Kaylie and I got it, Matt became scared to go to bed and I was afraid to put Jack down... and what do you know... within a couple of hours of going to sleep, both were up yacking. Jack's got a touch of the D's, but it doing MUCH better. I sure hope the stomach flu will pass us by next time. And I hope you stay safe from it. I got it twice when I was pregnant with Kaylie...ugh.


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