Sunday, November 25, 2007

Finally! Thanksgiving Pics...

I've been pretty much on vacation for the last couple of weeks. For the first of those weeks, busy as usual. For the second of those weeks, enjoying my sister's visit and busy sewing up a storm. I actually had two machines threaded with black thread and the other threaded with white. I'm glad the pilgrims were simple and not too complicated with color!!

Here are a few pics of our feast and a few of the infamous play, "The Pilgrims," in three acts: on the ship, on land, and the starving time.


  1. Grace, I love the costumes! The kids look awesome! I love reading yoru blog!

  2. Hey, Hazel:

    Thanks for checking us out. I was out of town this weekend on retreat so I haven't had a chance to check the blog. Sorry for the delay in responding! Yes, the costumes were fun to make and the play was so hilarious!!:)


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