Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dire Straits

Maria is currently finding herself in a predicament. She has one cent left in her piggy bank! With Christmas nearing and her birthday shortly thereafter, there is fear that she won't have enough money to buy the new American Girl outfit she wants for her doll. Why doesn't she just ask the jolly old elf for this? Well, doubts have been cast on his existence so she and Monica feel they have to fend for themselves. Their thoughts, "If you can't make Christmas for yourself, don't count on Santa!"

Maria resorted to having a garage sale in her room. She gathered up all her most prized worldly treasures and put them up for sale to her siblings. Molly and Lucas both came to me to please get their piggy banks down from the shelf so they could shop at the garage sale. Among the items were her summer sandals, an extensive rock collection, and three dress-up dresses. Here are a few pics.

Our kudos went to loving big sister, Monica, who spent nine dollars at the sale four of which went not for goods, but for the following:

$1 for wonderful setup and display of items

$1 for cleanliness

$1 for good quality items (debateable)

$1 for effort and initiative

Daddy and I love the sign she posted on the railing wooing customers to her "grog sale!" We should probably mention to Maria that in the future a liquor license will have to be applied for in order to have this kind of sale in her room!


  1. How cute!! Wow, I love the creativity here...
    Love, Auntie Nora

  2. Hey, Nora:

    Thanks for the comment. We are all getting so excited for your visit. The pictures are flowing and rehearsal has begun for a Thanksgiving play. We even got a spare bed set up for you!! Did I mention we are excited?!

  3. This post totally cracked me up. I sent it to a few people in my office to cheer them did! Maria Osterbauer, future CEO.

  4. Wow! Thriving with Five...let it be your day brightener!! That should be our new motto.:)


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