Sunday, October 28, 2007


We all love Fall. The leaves, the spices, the colors, the celebrations. It's all very beautiful! Here are a few pics of the kids at our local Halloween Carnival last Friday. Their costumes are as follows:

Monica - Laura Ingalls

Maria - Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Molly - Charlotte the Spider from Charlotte's Web

Lucas - a lion

Gabe - Barney (without the head) The tail on his costume is real cute. Too bad it can't be seen from the pics.

Today we went to a friend and her family's backyard Oktoberfest bash. It was awesome. It didn't cost us a thing and we got free food (although we contributed German potato salad, pumpkin spice bars, and a 12 pack of Spaten), 3 carved pumpkins, and a large stuffed scarecrow. Although, we didn't bring the scarecrow home, we brought the pumpkins and the gewey mess stayed at our friend's house!! Score!

We had great weather for the afternoon...sunny and 60. We all had a great time!
One of these years, we're going to do Oktoberfest in Munich (Munchen for all those Germaphiles) sans costumes, of course, but with stein in hand we'll be clinkin' and drinkin'!

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