Monday, October 22, 2007

Nerds R Us

Yesterday, we took 4 of the kids to a rock & fossil show down in Cottage Grove, south of St. Paul. OK, calm down your heckling!! It was actually a lot of fun. As reluctant as I was, I actually did the driving. I can't stand to have Daddy drive us severely triggers my nausea.:( One little rock hound in particular, Maria, loved it. There were a lot of educational demonstrations, crafts, vendors, concessions, and an awesome "put your own little rock collection together" station. Maria walked away with a great display of several different specimens all put together in a nice box. The labels were pre-made and everything was easy as pie to assemble. And cost? I put something in the donation box but it wasn't nearly what the whole day was worth!

For the future, I'm sure the U of M Geology Club could point you in the right direction for your own rock and fossil enthusiasts. Our thanks go to Grandma Carol, our own geology expert, for the tip off on yesterday's show!

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