Friday, October 5, 2007

Fall Days

I have to get some pics of the trees and the leaf-lined streets in our neighborhood. It feels like Fall; rainy and cool with a bit of humidity and so much color around. I had a dream as a kid of living in Vermont (I secretly had a crush on Robert Frost...I love his poetry!), but Minnesota is so close to that. It's very beautiful here in every season. I made an apple crisp earlier this week just to break out the fall spices. The baking filled the house with the smell of Fall and the kids and Daddy loved it. And I was in heaven...human, Fall heaven!

Later with those pics...I promise!


  1. Oooo...fresh baked apple pie! We had an overcast/drizzly day here... warm pie would have been perfect!

  2. Hot Fall Tip: Apple crisp! Way less putsy and just as good. If you don't have a recipe for this, let me know. I used to slave over apple pies, but they're not worth it. Apple crisp is a quick "throw together" and voila! a big hit with everyone and way less prep time.:) Happy Mommy, happy family!


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