Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birthday Boy!

We celebrated Lucas's birthday today. He's been in anticipation of his birthday for the whole week. Every morning he would wake up and ask if today was his birthday. This morning, we were finally able to say, "Yes!" Here are a few pics of the festivities. We invited another family to celebrate the day. Lucas loves their son, Eli and his cousin, Jacob. He hasn't figured out that Eli's sister, Rivers, exists; but I'm sure it's only a matter of time...she's a cutie!

We kept cracking up at how he is always so camera-ready!


  1. Hey Grace,
    Dad and I visited the library in Clovis. Dad was really happy to see the pics that you've posted.
    Tell the kiddos we say "Hi!"
    Love Ya'll
    Ang and Dad
    P.S. Maybe I'll bring Mom next time.

  2. Thanks for dropping by our blog! Glad you got a chance to see the pics. Yes, I bet Mom would love it.:)


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