Saturday, September 15, 2007

You Asked For It!

I'm finally posting a pic of myself. I actually went out this evening and met a friend (another homeschooling mom in the area) for coffee. It was nice to get out and speak to another adult female for a change! Since I put on make-up, I thought why waste the opportunity. It's been a pretty amazing last few months with my new food plan, seeing a nutritionist, and rediscovering the wonders of the human body. I don't ever remember being the weight I am right now. More than that, I'm really enjoying life with a renewed sense of energy and vigor. One thing I've never been able to say before, "I skinned my elbow going down a tube slide with Lucas!" Now that's a miracle.


  1. You look fab!!!
    Sorry, been meaning to email you back, but I'm a slacker. Been working on my blog and getting involved with jack's school. Isn't it nice getting out without the kids? Ahhhh... Grandma Dee and Granndpa John let me do that every week. I hope you get to meet up with them on their short visit to MN this week!
    ...drat, I can't remember my usual username/password, so this is my new one... heather

  2. Hey, thanks for checking me out, Heather. OK, so Paul informs me now that Jack & Darlene are going to be here...great communication between spouses...yeah right!:(

    I love your blog. It's very hip & cute...I'll keep checking on that!

  3. Ha! So funny how word travels these days...through our blogs. Who would have thunk us moms would be so computer savvy. ;)

    Thanks for checking out my blog...still have a long way to go, but I like the layout. Now, if only I could be as clever a writer as you...


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