Saturday, September 15, 2007

What a Week

OK, second week of school done! It's actually been pretty fun and laid back this week. We all enjoyed the climate's getting colder, a Thursday outing, and a little play this evening. We've been studying about the Netherlands and Scotland in History to go along with our study of the late 1500's. The girls learned about Mary Queen of Scots on Wednesday and yesterday we went to a fabric store to select plaids in order to make tartan sashes. We tried to research each tartan and found that Maria's came from the Stewart clan. We could not find Monica's. Today, Monica sewed the sashes (all straight stitching so it was pretty easy for her to do alone) with a little assistance from me with the ironing and finishing hems. Molly joined the older girls in a play this evening re-enacting the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Here are some of the pics. My favorite parts were Molly wearing a play sword as both Scottish and English soldiers and Maria holding up Mary's head (she used a teapot instead)!

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