Thursday, August 23, 2007

Turtle floater, Frog strangler

OK, I love rain! I remember as a kid pressing my nose against the screen at my mom's front door to smell the air after or during a rain. In West Texas, the moistened dirt always smelled wonderful, and I can still remember what that smell was like. It smelled like a gardener's haven, and I loved it!

Pressing my nose against my own screens now doesn't quite smell the same here in MN. It's probably because I have such bad allergies that my sense of smell is pretty much gone. And after this many days of rainy weather, my thoughts are more on flat hair, soggy children, muddy feet, our ever-dirty entryway rug, and the lawn that should have been mowed in that tiny window of opportunity last Saturday morning. Daddy chose to go to confession instead. Yes, a nobler cause; but now we're the only shaggy dog on the block.:(

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day; or at least until after we've gone to the State Fair.

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