Monday, August 13, 2007

They're Back!

At around 3:30 this afternoon our very large blue van backed into the driveway. Gabe and I were ecstatic to welcome Daddy and the other kids home. Yes, I really did miss the other holy terrors in my life. It was a very relaxing weekend on this end!

Daddy on the other hand experienced a little bit of say, my daily world. Here are a few snippets from the trip:
1) In spite of much threatening, Monica and Maria can only watch Lucas for a maximum of 5 minutes.
2) Daddy saved Lucas from a couple of brushes with death - a) while climbing on a makeshift wood pile and b) from getting hit with a very large horseshoe while he wandered into the game.
3) Who cares who sees you naked, Maria, while Daddy dries your sopping wet clothes (after Molly threw them into the pooled water near the showers) with a hand dryer ;and simultaneously tries to shield your body with a beach towel!
4) Both nights were spent in the bathroom/storm shelter due to thunderstorms.
5) Daddy hates juice boxes.
6) Since Daddy hates juice boxes, Lucas would steal the juice box furthest from Daddy (at least 25 yards away) and suck down all the juice before Daddy could take it away.
7) Even if you're the sweetest and cutest little girl at the campsite and you ask for more campfire songs, when Daddy puts his guitar down, it's over!
8) The lake was like bathwater and the shower was like lakewater so they learned quickly how to do the 3 minute boogey.
9) Even if you forgot your deodorant, it's're in a natural setting.
10) Don't worry if you haven't seen one of your lawn chairs in over a year. Chances are it will turn up at the Dad's & Kid's campfire next year. And it surely did!

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