Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thanks A Lot

I was still tired this evening from all the walking around yesterday and I probably should've taken a nap this afternoon. So I told Daddy to cut the coals and load up the kids. We headed to a local spot to get dinner...the kind that serves breakfast all day long.

After, wrestling with the kids over crayons, who gets what crayons, watching Gabe toss a cracker almost to a neighboring table, dividing up 3 plates of food (no one ever gets an entire meal all to themselves!), eliminating as much fat and sugar as one can possible do with breakfast food; both Daddy and I felt like we had been thrown into a mosh pit.

Interestingly, Daddy said the following as we drove off to a nearby park (as if we hadn't had enough mayhem for one evening):

"It's hard to follow the example of St. Joseph. He only had 1 child and that child was divine. And his wife was without sin!"

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