Thursday, August 2, 2007

Major Devastation & Many Tears

Thankfully, we are all okay after this evening's horrible collapse of the I-35W bridge in Downtown Minneapolis. We were all at home having dinner when the bridge collapsed. I still keep thinking how I was just on the bridge yesterday morning (Tuesday) going southbound for a morning meeting in S. Minneapolis. Daddy also crosses the bridge every T, Th, & F mornings and afternoons to get to & from work.

We prayed a family rosary tonight for all the rescue workers and victims and their families. It reminds me so much of Sept. 11 and how devastating the pictures were of the wreckage on the television. I cried just the same for all the precious life lost in this accident.

Please continue to pray for all of us here in MN! Thank you.


  1. Matt and I just saw the wreckage on the news. My first thought was to check your blog to make sure you all were okay. Relieved to find out you are, but my heart breaks for all those affected.

  2. So glad that everyone is okay. I'll add these intentions to our weekly holy hour list.


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