Friday, August 10, 2007

Home Alone

Well, Gabe and I are home alone this weekend. Daddy is off with the other 4 kids at a Dad's & Kid's campout. This is their annual campout/Mommy's weekend off so they left this afternoon and are probably pitching their tent now. It's been a slow progression in tent upgrades. We are now at the two-room tent with fan for ventilation. We assembled it for the first time last evening with minimal swearing! It's very quiet around here to say the least and, of course, all the other moms are in hiding so as not to be disturbed with Ladies' Nights Out and luncheons in hopes of getting some work done and much needed rest.

I miss Daddy and the other kids already...heck, I missed them 5 minutes after they were gone. OK, so I have a streak of melancholy in me. My one consolation: it's only the weekend, and I still have one little monster to keep me somewhat occupied.

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