Friday, August 3, 2007

Hitting Too Close to Home

We were so sad to find out yesterday that one of the victims in the bridge collapse Wednesday was one of Daddy's coworkers from the Chiropractic College in Bloomington. Patrick Holmes died of mechanical and positional asphyxiation in the collapse of the bridge. Daddy's supervisor had just spoken to Patrick before he left work on his way home on Wednesday. His wife called the school to find out when he had left because he never made it home. They pieced things together, and I'm sure she went downtown and found that one of the victims was her husband. Patrick leaves behind his wife and their two children, Gaven 6 and Rena 4.

Our hearts just break for their family. Daddy went down to the research department where Patrick worked to offer his support to the rest of the people in the department. Daddy worked with Patrick for a few months a couple years ago before he was moved to another department. He also remembers golfing with Patrick one year at a school function and how his grip came loose and Patrick's club was flung so high it almost hit some high-line wires.

The people in the research department were very sad and told Daddy, "Just go home and hug your kids!"

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