Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

Sore feet, sticky hands, bloated bellies, and a makeshift smile all mean only one thing around here. The great Minnesota get-together strikes again!

We parked our ride at Trinity Lutheran church, one of the many transit stops for shuttling bodies to the feed trough this morning and made it to the fairground by 10:45AM. We all had a great time running into relatives (Grandpa Ben's cousin, John Osterbauer and his wife) at the Security booth where we quickly I.D.ed the kids with wristbands, riding the Sky Ride (the strollers rode in their own gondola!), catching a juggling show, the lumberjack show, and the firesafety demonstration-in-a-semi, climbing the fire tower at the DNR building, watching various livestock and their young at the Miracle of Birth Center, and finally enjoying a sit down dinner in the back area of Dino's Gyros. Now we know who loves us, baby!

A few pics of the kids follow in the next few posts. I should learn how to set up Picasa Web to do a web album. But miss giving you all the commentary...I think, not!

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