Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Color Coordinated

I have had so much to blog about lately, but haven't had the energy to do it. I currently have a cold and still must plug on each day with food prep, diapers, laundry, etc., etc. But there are so many laughs and little smiles all day long with all the interesting things said & done. Here are a few things that have been coming up:

Monica: Mom, this jelly has 16g of sugar in it!
Maria: Mom, I think I need to go shopping with you.
Molly: I'm being such a nice girl because I'm growing up.
Lucas: I'm going to get my tools and go and fix the bridge with Daddy!
Gabe: Lately, he's been emptying out all the drawers and bringing me the contents one by one. This little game gets old fast!

OK, so who was color-coordinated today? Lucas wins the prize! Not only did he have red matching socks that matched his red shirt, he also had red underwear; which he showed me, of course.

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