Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bangs or Not?

I've always thought about growing out my bangs and wanted to solicit some of your input on this issue. I really started to think that bangs are out until I found these two very hot chicks who sport them. Of course, I am between the ages of both of these lovely ladies and I can probably still support and defend my 80's connections. However, I wanted to get your take on the matter taking into account my frame (5'1" and well, we'll just leave my frame with that much information!) and the shape of my face.



  1. I thought you had bangs? Ooooo...do the Catherine Zeta ones...BUT in order to be fair you have to promise to get the Dora clothes too...and the backpack!
    Love, Nora

  2. Duh??? I just re-read your post. You do have bangs! Keep 'em...they are definitely in right now...but they'll be out next week :).

  3. I thought you were going to post a new picture of yourself? ...showing off your new figure? Come on... don't be shy.

    Bangs... I think if you want a hip new look, you've got to do the bangs a bit longer...kind of side swept. I got them last year and they drove me NUTS!. I left the salon feeling very J-Lo with my big shades and new bangs brushing just beneath my eyeballs. But pretty much I wore them pinned back with clips (not a good look). :) My hair curls in the corners so bangs are tricky, yours might work out better...so don't let me dissuade you from the long bang (it's a pretty look).


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