Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Been a While...

since I blogged last. I've been missing having a camera close by for some great moments in our family history. The camera's fine, but I usually don't run to grab it to catch those little moments and need to get back into that habit. Here is a list of things that I should have had a camera for:

1) When I found Gabe had chewed through a cocoa packet and was hungrily sucking down the powder. Just like a racoon, he opened up the box, stole a packet, went to hide in the kitchen, tore through the paper with his teeth; and when I found him he was powdery brown and oh so sweet smelling!
2) When Maria put a toad (caught by Daddy) in a toy sailboat and was cruising him around the kiddie pool in the front yard.
3) When Daddy took the same toad (affectionately named, Steve, who has been living in a 5 gallon bucket) under the front porch light to catch moths for him so Maria wouldn't find a dead toad in the morning. Daddy literally caught the moths with his hands & would throw them down into the bucket for Steve to catch. What we do for our children!
4) Molly & Lucas' first finger painting spree (controlled fingerpainting spree)!
5) Our beautiful flowers...I'll have to post a pic of this for sure.

I've had a sinus infection and haven't been getting much sleep so I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Although, I love posting things to this blog. It helps me stay in the present moment and enjoy all the beautiful blessings in our day.

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