Friday, July 20, 2007

Filling Their Hearts

This afternoon I drove the girls to Cerenity Senior Care facility in E. St. Paul. Daddy works there two days a week as their chiropractor. He has made many friends and seen some come and go. Recently, a baby grand piano was donated to the facility. Daddy thought it would be nice for the girls and maybe one other family to perform for the residents and brighten their day.

We were joined by one other homeschooling family who has five piano players (the oldest, Maria, also plays violin) from the same piano school we attend in Arden Hills. The performances were beautiful, improvised in some cases, and comical.

They all played their most recent recital pieces, a few Church songs, a couple duets (including Heart & Soul...very toe-tapping), and sang showtunes from The Sound of Music. Because the Andress children are currently working on the play, The Sound of Music, with their homeschooling cousins, the Hogans; they were more than prepared for the singing portion of the afternoon. Monica even had a small part in the final "Goodbye" song from the ballroom scene of the movie to round out the afternoon.

The residents loved it, cheered, and even asked for an encore of "Edelweiss!"

All of the children were beaming when we left and had a chance to experience first-hand what a service they can provide for others through their talents.

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