Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Looking Ahead

Monica, Maria, and I attended a High School graduation this evening for one of our babysitters. Sarah's all grown up and off to college. What made tonight very special was that all the graduates were homeschooled. Sarah actually attended grade school at our local Catholic school, but her parents and Sarah opted for a homeschool high school. It was a very cool ceremony. The parents awarded each of their graduates their diploma and each graduate graduated from their homeschool, although, Y.E.A.H. (Youth Educated at Home) put together the commencement. I just had to laugh at Sarah's homeschool which is affectionately named "WLAD of Columbia Heights." I asked her afterward what it stands for and she said that her Mom named their homeschool Work Like A Dog!

I like that! For now, we'll take things one year at a time around here. To say the least the evening was powerful for the girls. Monica came home and asked Daddy, "Are you going to cry at my graduation?"

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