Monday, June 4, 2007

Great Weekend

What a great weekend! Daddy, Gabe & I attended the Catholic Homeschool Conference at Univ. of St. Thomas this weekend which was tiring but such a shot in the arm of enthusiasm and joy for our adventure in homeschooling our bunch. There were great speakers, so many wonderful people, it was organized, and informative. Daddy and I agree that although homeschooling won't be perfect (what is?) it will be an adventure and a joy at the same time. Of course, we love adventure! From canoeing down the Brazos River to taking the Greyhound up from TX to MN after our honeymoon (ok now you all now!) to conferencing in Cancun with a 6 month old, we're magnets for chaos and the thrill of going with the flow.

Of course, there were perks from the weekend. Coffee with Danielle Bean (ok, I love her...she's my idol! Just kidding.)! I usually check Danielle's website for encouragement through her daily blog. She inspired me to start this little blog of ours.:) Danielle is very gracious and so down-to-earth. The other lovely ladies are friends of mine...very local support group for anything and everything!

Danielle's website is listed as one of my links...check it out!

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