Friday, June 8, 2007

The forchin cooky that had no forchin

I'm probably shooting myself in the foot by posting this, but I just had to share this funny story that Maria wrote in her K class. Yes, she has learned to read phonetically and, yes, I am now inheriting this "situation" with her going into 1st grade and needing to learn how to spell correctly. Who said sanctity was going to be easy?

Here's the story (completely unedited!) and I scanned in a pic of the front cover so you can see her rendition of our ride!

Once there was a girl and her famely the girl and her famely went to a chines restront thay ate rise and vechtibels that wer cookt with soysos and chines wontons. and then it was time for forchen cookes the gerl went to the front desc to get the cookys for her famely. she onrapt the forchen cooky but ther was no forchen! the girl was wereyd if the cooky had no forchen it woodint be a forchen cooky. the girl went home withowt a forchin. the girl tooc a nap but she was stil thinking a bout the forchen. the end

This, of course, was inspired by our trips to the Village Wok in Dinkytown, and how we always complain that the papers in our fortune cookies usually are advice and not a fortune!

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  1. Wow! Quite a literary feat! Hey didn't Mark Twain write phonetically too...hmmmm!

    Love, Autie Nora


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