Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Little Nature Lover

Maria (6) loves nature! Unfortunately, she has serious allergies and so much so that she had an attack over the weekend which resulted in puffy, watery, red eyes; a runny nose; and a raspy throat. She stayed home from school yesterday and had to wear sunglasses outside because the wind was making her eyes worse. After a day of Benadryl and rest, she's better now. It's hard to keep this kid away from wildflowers and other things that may cause her allergies to flare up. She loves making pretend nests for birds, getting nests out of trees, and picking everything and anything with a little color other than green.

I picked up a couple of field guides to keep her occupied while the pollen settles over the next few weeks. I had to chuckle over our conversation in the car this morning. One of her books has every egg listed with the bird that lays that particular egg. Maria was excited to see a flamingo's egg. I asked if it is pink. She said the following:

"No. That's because the babies haven't eaten the shrimp yet. The shrimp makes them pink later."

I just laughed quietly. Where does she come up with this stuff?!

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