Thursday, May 10, 2007

I should think twice...

before packing up the 3 little ones and making a Kinkos run.

I desparately needed to drop off a job at Kinkos this morning so it would be ready for pickup by Daddy this afternoon. So I packed up Molly, Lucas & Gabe and ran over there. I opted for the 2 stroller combo to restrain both boys. Molly's afraid of me enough to know that she'd better not run around or destroy anything in a store so I figured she could help me with one of the strollers.

Of course, I was super thrilled with how cheap the job was going to end up costing and I was even more thrilled at how well behaved the boys seemed to be doing. So I trotted out of the store with both strollers only to look down & see what had been entertaining Gabe the whole time. He had 5 Napoleon Dynamite birthday cards in his stroller and was happily chewing on one of them! I quickly grabbed the cards & put them back & thought I'd better get the heck out of here!

After loading up the kids and the stollers I realized Gabe lost his nuk somewhere between the van and the checkout counter. I made a mad dash into the store & found the nuk on the floor next to the counter.

What was I thinking? This is a store that's open 24 hours a day. I could've dropped off the job last night & spared myself the stress and the possible incarceration from leaving my kids in the car even if I sprinted like Dash from the Incredibles in & out of Kinkos with a nuk in hand! Sometimes I think I enjoy the challenge, the adventure, and the insanity! Ahh, the joys of motherhood!!

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