Friday, May 4, 2007

Daddy's on a Diet

Daddy came home after a visit to the doctor who simply reiterated what I've been telling him, "Take your wife's advice and go on a diet!" So after the comment he made on Monday, "I had to pour myself into these jeans," we had to think of something to buoy Daddy's spirits and rally him on to a slimmer waistline. I've been reducing the amount of lunch I pack for him. Yes, I do pack his lunch sometimes. Anyway, I've taken to ridding the kitchen of sweets, too.

Of course, as I point one finger at him I have 4 fingers pointing back at me!! My excuse...I'm still nursing the baby. Although, supermodels and celebrities swear that breastfeeding helped them lose their baby fat in less than 2 months after giving birth, I've somehow managed to pile on all the babyfat from 5 babies. Go figure! I still have a small bit of hope that once I wean the little leech, I will be moving on to a slimmer trimmer so that I don't have to hide behind my Yahoo Avatar. Who knows, maybe I'll be as buff and can create a very buff companion to match my slim and trim hubby, as well.

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