Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Preschool Onomatopoeia

Daddy and I were half asleep this morning when Molly & Lucas came into our room fighting about a toy. The most coveted toys in our house happen to be the toys acquired from our dentist's office. They have a vast collection of sticky hands, suction cup balls, stickers, various plastic animal keychains, rubber get the picture. Of course, I hate these toys and the first chance I get I usually quickly take them to the trashcan, bury them under a greasy paper towel or make sure they've rubbed up against something disgusting for fear of them being retrieved.

So this morning, Molly & Lucas were fighting over a plastic fish. Lucas wanted it so we quickly told him it belongs to Molly & when he's 3 he can go to the dentist & get his own fish. Molly quickly chimed in:

"Yes, Lucas, you can get a sticky hand or a plastic fish..."blewp, blewp" or a sticky ball."

They walked out of the room & I turned to Daddy and asked, "blewp, blewp?" Daddy said, "I guess that's the sound a plastic fish makes!"

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