Friday, April 20, 2007

I can't understand

I can't understand why the events of the last few days occurred. My only consolation has been to look at our children and hope that we are able to give them all the love we can and to soak up each moment of every day as a blessing - listening, hugging, disciplining with love, and living each moment for what it is. This is a house of formation one in which our children can be formed to be responsible loving, thinking adults. Taking this responsibility seriously takes work, lack of sleep, tears, frustration, and the giving up of so many things that I would love to do, thought I would do or may want to do. It's a giving of self constantly. We can only try to do it with joy and ask for forgiveness when we are wrong and have fallen and hope that the bond between us and our children is so strong that whatever their adult lives bring, they have formed a bond between us and them that will always be a means of communication, a support, a beacon of hope in the midst of the struggles of this world.

Lord, help us be good parents that are strong enough to say we are sorry if we have to, to change if we need to, and to not be afraid to love with all our hearts.

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