Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I love biking! I'm not a serious biker, but I love being outdoors on a mild day just biking around the neighborhood. I raced around on a Craig's List hunt this weekend to complete my bike package.

3 years ago, I stopped at a garage sale and found a beautiful Burley bike trailer that seats 2 kids. It was in pristine condition and the price was awesome...trendy family needing to move ASAP and had to dump their stuff. 2 years ago, I purchased my bike...a Trek beachcomber...from Freewheel Bike Coop in Minneapolis. It's a beautiful blue and has a seat that's almost like sitting on a park bench. After 5 kids, you need a seat like that!! Now with three little ones at home during the day I was wondering how to get them all out so I can bike. When Gabe was just newly born last year, I literally put a Pampers diaper box in the back of the Burley and fit him inside of it with a nice cushy blankie. I was desperate to get out and bike so I did what I had to and it worked fine. Now that the weather's nice and Gabe's almost a year old I wasn't sure what to do. So this weekend I found an awesome infant bike seat that I could attach (with the help of my wonderfully handy hubby!) to the back fender of my bike. Now, of course, I look like a pack mule!

What can I say? I love biking!! We went on 3 bike rides today...before lunch, after lunch & after piano lessons this evening. My package is now complete! So, what if we have another little one? I guess, I'll go back to the diaper box!

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