Saturday, April 28, 2007

Armed for Battle!

The girls had an assembly on Wednesday to describe lockdown procedures and a plan in the case that any harm should come to the school via an intruder. Of course, Paul and I were afraid that the recent events in VA would bring us to this point with the school. We discussed things with the girls and they were naturally afraid of the whole idea. A drill was scheduled for today so Monica and Maria went to school with their own protection. Each of the girls asked us for scapulars they could wear under their uniforms. Monica also asked me to make a St. Joan of Arc holy card she could carry in her backpack. Since they recently studied about Joan of Arc in their history class, I thought it would be ok. Monica was fascinated with St. Joan's bravery and courage on the battlefield fighting for France (and, of course, being burned at the stake received it's oohs and aahs). She asked me if I thought Joan was ever afraid in battle. I answered that I think she may have felt fear, but knew in her heart that if she was following God he would be with her. We found a beautiful quote that I printed on the bottom of the image of St. Joan:

I fear nothing, for God is with me!

I'm so glad that the girls have learned that there are more ways in this world to find comfort, hope and courage in the midst of fear. This is what our faith has given us and we gladly are passing it on to our little ones!

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