Thursday, April 5, 2007

7 Year Old Perspective

I was busy last evening doing the shopping for the rest of the week & weekend festivities along with a little shopping for Daddy. Since it's another end of the term at the chiro. college one of Daddy's colleagues planned a waffle bar for the chiro. interns under their tutelage. Daddy was in charge of bringing the waffle condiments so I bought 3 different kinds of syrup, 2 cans of whipped cream and packed up some butter for him to take this morning.

At breakfast, I noticed the 2 cans of whipped cream still in the refrigerator. I was so sad to see that Daddy forgot them & told the children that in the effort of "community building" Daddy was contributing in a waffle bar but forgot the whipped cream.

They were also saddened by this & thought of all the interns who wouldn't have whipped cream on their waffles, but Monica quickly stated:

"It's not the end of the world! It's not what you have but that you're all together!"

So for the Performance Review Sheet:
Community Building - check!

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