Tuesday, April 24, 2007

1 Swan a-swimming

I just had to mention that there is a beautiful swan...yes, a swan that has chosen one of our nearby ponds for his summer residence. We spotted him (or her) for the first time on Sunday. The swan is beautiful...such a brilliant white with a beautifully graceful neck. The kids have affectionately named the swan, Louie, after the swan in E.B. White's, The Trumpet of the Swan. We're hoping Louie has a mate that is nesting nearby so we can see a nice flock of cygnets soon. There is so much wildlife around in our neighborhood. It's almost difficult to stay home and get work done!


  1. sounds wonderful! I grew up as one of four children, and it has always been so special coming for a large family. good luck!

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment! Just wondering how you stumbled upon my blog. By the way, I checked yours out...pretty interesting! Another BTW, my husband's a chiropractor. He could probably help you navigate the chiro scene in NY, if you're interested. He has a colleague who practices in the NYC area...great guy (has 6 kids). Or at least, the NY chiro might be able to refer you somewhere else.


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