Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Working Girl

This is a very exciting day for us for 2 reasons: the new carpet will be installed and Daddy will be bringing home my Pfaff sewing machine.

I'm so excited about both things but I couldn't help but notice Monica's excitement about the latter. Paul & I removed the carpet & pad last night & tried to secure the area from any dangerous tackstrip or stray staples. When we all came down this morning I suddenly realized we would be eating in the dining room since the family room couch is now very nicely wedged in the eat-in-kitchen! Monica was very helpful. She quickly helped get the breakfast things, whisked the baby into his highchair, helped with bibs & just helped all around to make the morning chaos-free or at least a little closer to a routine & normal morning.

When I mentioned the carpet is coming Monica quickly chimed in, "And your sewing machine comes today." I agreed & sounded excited. Then Maria said, "Yeah! We're getting new carpet!" And Monica chimed in again, "And her sewing machine comes today." I couldn't help but smile. She's becoming quite the young lady. Monica enjoys all my projects & is such a helper. She's even asked for her own machine. She's also been working on handstitching a shawl for Molly (it's crude, but good). I can't believe she's so interested!

Anyway, I don't know who's more excited about the machine, but for me today is a day to be excited also about my little working girl and how she's growing up!

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