Saturday, March 3, 2007

Thank God it's Over...For Now!

In the last 3 days we received close to 20 inches of snow. I haven't posted for this reason. I've been doing a lot of shoveling, a lot of clean-up on the entryway because of all the sand & snow tracked in, and I've made more hot chocolate than the Swiss Miss!

Just what does "almost 20 inches of snow" mean? It means:

1) You do a lot of shoveling...usually, because the snow storm happened to fall on a weekday when your husband isn't around to do the snowblowing & you can't do it because the thing is so big & so quirky that you might get snowblown along with the snow defeating your purpose.
2) Your back aches...a lot... because of all the shoveling you did.
3) Your kids may want to make a snowfort so you have to find all the necessary tools for the job in the garage you're now swearing about because you didn't organize it last summer!
4) You just might have to dig a path to your mailbox...if you can remember where it is after the snowplow went through & plowed it in along with the apron of your driveway.:(
5) You just might slide through an intersection because although you confidently drive an All-Wheel-Drive, ice is THE great EQUALIZER.
6) You cannot see your picnic table on the deck anymore.
7) You absolutely don't let the 2 year old outside by himself for fear he may get lost in the snow only to be found in May when the snow finally melts.

We'll probably get a couple more of these storms since March is the snowiest month of the year...I've been told. I say, "Bring it on!" After all, I do have a chiropractor for a husband, I bought a case of hot chocolate from Costco, and I haven't lost a kid in a snowdrift yet!!

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