Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Everyone teased me when I was pregnant with Lucas saying, "Wow! Now your life is really gonna turn around!" I would even get things like, "And you have 3 girls & now you're having a boy?" And then would come the smirk and the little giggle saying, "You have no idea what you're in for!"

This just made me more bold for the challenge. When Lucas was born I embraced the fact he is a boy and promised myself, I wouldn't let him wear me down. I was determined!

Well, he's wearing me down. He's so OTHER! He's a BOY!!

1) He always has an interesting odor about him no matter what lotion, powder or other scents I try to sneak onto him.
2) He brings bugs to me & would eat them if I weren't watching closely.
3) He likes to get dirty and I mean really dirty.
4) He could run into a wall, bounce off and giggle after it happened.
5) He's extremely impatient and dangerously spontaneous.
6) He's a screamer!!
7) He wrestles with everyone & everything.

What I didn't expect, however, was all the affection he dishes out to ME!
1) He loves to cuddle.
2) He loves to give me kisses.
3) He lets me bite his cheeks, ears & nose!
4) I'm the only one who can comfort him when he's afraid of the monster that he swears lives in his closet.

More than trying to understand him, I'm trying to enjoy him & become a "go with the flow" MOM!

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