Thursday, February 8, 2007

Threading the Needle & a Return to Normalcy

Do you ever have that feeling that if the first event in a chain of events is offset by a minute or two your world just might end? I almost had a panic attack this morning as Maria & I waited for Grandma to come over to watch the 3 little ones. A 10:30AM doctor's appointment was driving my morning & so I had to leave by 10AM on the nut! When Grandma didn't show at the expected time, I almost frieked out. I should always factor in an extra 15 minutes for explaining things like...lunch, how to work the TV/VCR rig that Daddy has downstairs for simple PBS television viewing, location of diapers & what to do if there's a crisis (i.e. cell phone number, neighbors to call). All this done, Maria & I were out the door at 10:04AM and I just kept thanking God that the roads were dry as I hauled down 35W.

Everything actually worked out great. We made it out of the doctor's office by 11:22 and were over to Daddy's work by 11:30 sharp for lunch.

The big event was a photo shoot for the next cover & issue of the quarterly publication at the chiro. college where Daddy works. Little Maria will be gracing the cover with the chiro. mascot Vinnie the Vertebrate. Maria did very well...smiles and all! I'll, hopefully, be able to upload the photo in a future post.

Return to Normalcy

After everyone being sick, I didn't think we'd ever get back to the kids sleeping through the night. We hit another milestone. Yes, illness will throw a kid's schedule off. And, yes, that infant that's been getting up at 3AM every night to nurse will fall back into his routine for Mommy's & Daddy's first night in a long time of uninterrupted sleep! I was so surprised to see my clock radio beam 6:05AM this morning. I was really getting tired of seeing 3:00!!

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