Monday, February 5, 2007

Something to Look Forward To

I was looking for an image in my files to describe today's bone-chilling's 16 BELOW ZERO today!! However, I found this instead. This was taken at our family Mardi Gras celebration last February. We love celebrating Mardi Gras the evening before Ash Wednesday. I usually make jambalaya or shrimp etouffe and we play Zydeco music on a CD from Buckwheat Zydeco. We made these masks years ago but the kids still like to use them.

Mardi Gras is definately something to celebrate when the weather is just too cold outside! Snow's expected tomorrow & illnesses are starting to wane. I'm just glad it's sunny outside...keeps the spirits up around here!

As we say in our house at Mardi Gras...Laissez Les Bon Temps Roule!! We just wish those times were a little warmer...even 20 degrees would feel better than this. Now that's a Minnesotan for you!

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