Friday, February 9, 2007


This morning at breakfast I glanced over at Daddy only to see a sparkle in his eyes that seemed to say, "Aha! I finally found a way to finance my mid-life crisis!!"

We are always trying to find ways to cut expenses & one of the things that never gets cut is the food bill. Because Daddy is in the medical professions he is very health conscious & sugar cereal is always looked at with disdain because of lack of nutritive value and cost. This morning I made the girls cream of wheat. Of course, Daddy looked at the fact that I put in sugar for the girls but was very sparing. He then proceeded to ask me how much the cost per serving might be. When I said, "5 cents," he gave me that look!

So for the rest of winter & maybe the school year we'll be serving up good 'ol cream of wheat.

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