Monday, February 19, 2007

The O-Team

I often wonder why I sit through so many of the movies that Daddy brings home for our adult movie night. I've seen almost every WWI, WWII, and possibly every other war movie made. I've sat through Saving Private Ryan (we actually own this now!), the ENTIRE Band of Brothers series (10 movies), Das Boot, We Were Soldiers (I believe that's the title), another series that was only released on HBO, and recently Joyeux Noel (one of last year's Academy nominees for best foreign film about WWI).

Maybe it's because I often feel like we're on the front lines of some war somewhere when all of a sudden, as we're calmly cleaning up the kitchen after last night's dinner, I lift the baby out of the highchair only to notice that he's wet but not from dinner! Quick, get upstairs! He needs a bath now! Daddy says, "I'll draw a bath. Should I send up 3 more bathers?"

Mommy: "Sure, I'll bathe them all!" I then proceed to undress the baby & find more than I expected & quickly whisk him away to be bathed. Good, the water is already drawn & warm. 2 more bathers arrive on the scene. I've got the baby done in 3 minutes flat. I lift him out, turn around & there's Daddy waiting with a towel to carry him off to get dressed. I yell for the fourth bather, but big sister is chasing him down because he's undressed himself & is taking off his diaper!

Daddy: "Get out of the way, Lucas (third bather) needs to go potty...NOW!" He doesn't quite make it. (Quick, remove the bath mat & grab another clean bath mat...I'll just wash that one tomorrow!)

Mommy: "Bathers 2 & 3 are done. I'll bathe Lucas quickly & you get the hair dryer ready to go, Daddy!" (Meanwhile, Lucas is out & big sister finishes off dressing the baby. I go to check the baby, but he feels warm. Daddy finishes with hair & comes into the nursery to get Lucas into his bed.) "I need the thermometer...I think he's running a fever. (Daddy comes back with the thermometer & has already located the Ibuprofen.) He's 101.6!"

Daddy: I'll get his medicine & you kiss Molly & Lucas, do prayers & get them in bed. (Meanwhile, I get big sister's shower ready.)

I come back to rock the baby & get him down for bed. One down! Daddy is dealing with Molly & Lucas since they don't want to go to bed. We finally get them down & move onto the big sisters. These guys are easy...we finish drying any wet hair & slap ourselves with a high five!

Of course, this isn't because of some incredible method of organization or years of experience. Had it been we wouldn't have left the baby so long that he blew out his diaper, or we would have anticipated Lucas & he wouldn't have sat on the bathmat without a diaper & with a poopy bottom, and we wouldn't have left bath night for Sunday night after grilling & finally sitting down to eat at 7PM! No, this was purely divine intervention.

Or maybe it is just all the basic training we've received from Daddy's fine pick of films!

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