Monday, February 12, 2007

King Lucas the Bug Man

I love to see Lucas walk around the house with this plastic thing on his head. It's the inside of a construction worker's hat that he removed and wears as a crown. The girls call him, "King Lucas." Today King Lucas was defending his kingdom from his mother's biggest fear. I was working at the computer when I suddenly heard, "A bug, a bug." I just yelled from where I was & asked what was going on. His scream became louder & very fast, "A bug, a bug, a bug!!" I knew the thing was probably crawling away so I got up & ran to fetch a Kleenex to crush it. King Lucas was right...a small pill bug was cowering under a plastic van fearing for his life.
What makes me laugh even more is that my kids' fear & disdain for bugs probably comes from me. I was at the computer earlier today checking out the Cedar Creek, MN bug guide to identify yet another household pest, the basic household centipede, & how to exterminate it!

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