Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fire Starter

Lucas made the following comment at dinner this evening:

"Mommy, my bottom hurts. I think you need to put gasoline on it."

I think he meant "vaseline!"

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Project

So the new project is to build an ice rink in the backyard. It's actually a small patch of ice that we've undertaken to make for the kids so I can survive the winter mentally intact. They are getting restless so this will be their new homeschooling project for the next week or so. Daddy downloaded instructions and set out to construct a rinkrake for smoothing the area and making the ice.

I'll try to post pics tomorrow.:)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On the 2nd Day of Christmas...

my true love gave to me: a second day of falling snow! Merry Christmas to you all!! Yesterday was pretty peaceful here. Snow fell steadily all day long and we just stayed in and watched it from inside.:) We had our second day of snow today. It warmed up a bit around noon and now the roads are a bit slushy. It looks like it's clouding up again and maybe dropping in temp. so we'll probably get more and a bit of ice, too.

It's been pretty calm aside from the entertaining. We had friends and their families over on both Saturday night and Christmas eve for dinner both times. We have other friends coming over possibly this Friday night for pizza and a movie. Then, we'll ring in the New Year at the house of some other friends. We haven't done much entertaining this year but, boy, when it rains, it pours!

The influx of gifts has been somewhat organized and found homes for. We're still keeping up our daily reading of the Gospel and have now undertaken the task of explaining the 12 Days of Christmas. So I am feeling a little bit less secular in terms of really living the spirit of Christmas. The load of gifts yesterday had me a little doubtful. I'm grateful, though, for how calm the kids are with new toys and games!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh, What Fun It Is...

to have a bunch of kids decorate your Christmas cookies!

Here they are concentrating on holding those tiny sprinkles in their hands and delicately placing them individually on each cookie. Oh, the little tricks that keep them occupied...I'm a wicked mother!!

'Tis the Season to Blog Away!

Here are a few pics of the winter fun some of the kids had outside this morning. It started snowing at 4AM so we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. I'm pretty sure we had about 2 inches of wet, sticky snow on the driveway so Daddy and some of the kids got out to shovel it off.

I was cozy inside wrestling with gingerbread dough to finish off our last batch of cookies.:)

Our little artist

I had to take a pic of one of Maria's latest creations. This one is called "Dark Forest." We put it up on the wall to take a pic before I wrapped it. This will be a surprise Christmas gift that she decided upon. I think it looks great in the frame!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baker's Nightmare

I thought I had found the ultimate cookie gun for making German spritz cookies at Christmastime. This is the only time I ever pull mine out and I love to work with it. I first used a cookie gun or press, as they are also called, in my Home Ec. class back in TX. I liked making the dough, loading it in the barrel and then cranking out the cookies with a crank at the top. Since then I've gone through a number of cookie guns. Most of the ones I've bought have been made of plastic and would always crack in the oddest of places depending on my dough.

I finally found a stainless steel gun made by Wilton about 9 years ago. I liked it so much I bought one for my brother who also likes to bake. He barely uses his, but I use mine a lot! That's until this Christmas. I thought it was flawless. I thought it would last forever, but I was wrong. Plastic wins out again!

The disk that pushes the dough down the barrel is made of plastic so the metal rod that pushes the disk down punched right through the plastic and now my gun is no more! I checked Wilton's site and they don't make this product anymore!

My only other option is the Italian made Marcato cookie gun that also has a plastic "piston" that pushes the dough down. I don't know if I want to spend $40 on a cookie gun that I know will probably have the same result. Even if Martha Stewart recommends it, I'm not falling for the hype.:(

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coming to a Mailbox Near You

Well, our Christmas Cards finally arrived yesterday. The pic on our home page is actually the front cover. I totally cheated this year and had them all done online and ordered. Please know that with every address I wrote, envelope licked, and sticker and stamp stuck by the girls; a little prayer went your way.:)

So, Christmas cards...check!

I also had a little chat with Daddy. He's always filling me in on bank account numbers and other financial information in the possible case that something should happen to him. He just likes to make sure I know where everything is. I fear that if something happens to me, not another Christmas card will ever go out! So we decided an inservice is necessary so he can be brought up to speed. At least then I'll know I can go in peace.:)

What's Really Being Processed in Those Little Brains

On Sunday during our lunch, we lit the three candles of our Advent wreath and sang, "O Come, O Come Emannuel" like we have the other two Sundays of Advent. But an unusual question came up after the first line was sung:

Molly: Who's Captain Israel?

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's the little things

This morning Lucas bounded into our room announcing that he had fully dressed himself. When Molly came into our room, he proudly gave her the news to which she responded,

"Lucas, I'm so proud of you!"

Daddy and I couldn't keep from laughing at how enthusiastic she was to congratulate her brother.:)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A friend of mine brought over a 1/2 gallon of Raw Milk for us to try. So far so good. I can't taste the difference. However, Daddy, says he can taste the farm and the cow...very earthy. I'm glad he has a flair for the eclectic. The kids were half and half on it. The older girls weren't too interested, and the little ones couldn't taste the difference.

The goal here is to have the un-pasteurization so we get all the enzymes and proteins necessary to digest the milk sugar, lactose. Since three of us have milk sensitivities, this is an attempt.

We'll just see how it goes and then figure out how to afford this added expense. It's not cheap for sure!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Go Team!

Two weekends ago, I heard a talk at a spiritual retreat I went to out in Wisconsin. The woman giving the talk was speaking about our personal plans in striving to fulfill our vocations as wives and mothers and giving our families the best encouragement we can. She asked us all, "But who's cheering us on?" Her point is that we forget that we also need a cheerleader that encourages us to encourage the others in our families. She pulled out this little ceramic cheerleader that she received when she graduated from high school. She recently found it in a box in storage and thought she should put it up somewhere in her kitchen. She assured us that the little cheerleader sits nicely up above the cupboards hidden where only she knows it's there. But it reminds her that someone, namely God, is on her side cheering on her efforts as wife and mother.

I resigned myself to find a cheerleader to put in my kitchen. I excitedly came home to tell Daddy about my idea and thought ebay would be my chore for the next week trying to find exactly the right one. He gently reminded me that I already have 3 cheerleaders in my kitchen. I told him I wasn't talking about Monica, Maria & Molly. But he said, "No. Look up here on the fridge. The girls' cheerleaders are right here!" I looked up and saw that, yes, I do have 3 wooden cheerleaders on my fridge.

Monica received these at a birthday party back in October. She made hers at the party and brought the other 2 home for Maria and Molly.

What happened to the cheerleaders? Monica's lost her head after Lucas and Molly played with it, Molly's was subjected to a 4 year old with markers, and Maria's is still intact.

I told Daddy they're not as peppy as the gal's who gave the talk. However, I think it fits just perfectly. I have 3 little cheerleaders who remind me of my life: not perfect, somewhat dysfunctional, occasionally somber, and yet ready to cheer the team on.

I think I've found my cheering section! God works through every imperfection...what a relief!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, that's right. I celebrated my 34th birthday today. According to Molly I turned 44. I'm glad she's not responsible for keeping track of my years.

It was a calm day aside from losing my keys for 30 minutes and missing an appointment. That was a little odd and brief moment of calamity!

All kidding aside, I am very grateful this year...I have 7 good reasons to be!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Elfin' Magic

Thanks to Auntie Nora for sending us the link to "Elf Ourselves!" And "Yes!" we do have a lot of time on our hands. Sad we could only get 4 of our little elves in on the fun. It was so worth the time it took to upload the photos.

Here's the link:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We Missed Our Anniversary!

I just looked back at when we started our blog...November 21, 2006! I forgot to do a celebratory entry this year to mark our 1 year anniversary of "Thriving With Five." Sigh!

Well, at least Daddy & I didn't forget our wedding anniversary. We celebrated 9 years of wedded, kid-infested bliss last Wednesday, November 28th. We had a nice dinner out and Daddy surprised me with a dozen roses and a card. Typical of us, we chose a steak house close to Costco so we could capitalize on our childcare for the evening! So my loot for the evening not only included the roses and card, but a giant-sized salmon fillet, and a few other mega-sized, big-box items.:)

Hidden Talents

It's been snowing all day. We should have received 4-5 inches by 9PM. I think we hit that by 5PM this afternoon! It's been a nice 20 degrees, though....not as cold as it has been, but we literally were living in a snowglobe today!

I was firm with Monica about helping me shovel the driveway this afternoon and I'm glad I did. She's a shoveling fiend! She's actually a shovel runner. She shovels like Daddy...gets a running start and runs with her shovel across the driveway and then lifts and throws the snow over to the lawn. Awesome! If we had contests, all bets would be on her! Even the poor little neighbor kid was getting beaten down by his chore of shoveling their driveway, but our Scandinavian/Mexican princess had the snow flying...braids and all!

I should have snapped a pic of her, but I was trying to keep up. I was feeling bad that I wasn't helping out as much as I'd like to have. Well, not feeling that bad! You know, a few more years of growth for these 6 kids and I'll be sitting around eating bon bons all winter!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Two Successes

Well, I was able to get away this weekend for a retreat in Wisconsin. From Thursday to Sunday afternoon, I was immersed in prayer, silence, no dishes, and no whiny kids. I really missed them all, especially Daddy. It was nice to get away and renew my spirit and my calling as a wife and mother. I try to do this once a year, but last year I wasn't ready to wean Gabe or struggle with him at a retreat!

Which leads me to my next success...Gabe has been weaned!! I figure I would probably end up nursing him to my due date or we would have to undergo something drastic. He's the first baby I could actually have somewhat of a conversation explaining to him we would not be nursing any longer which definately tells me I think I nursed him a little too long. It was a great time, though. Lots of bonding, cuddling, and boy it was nice to have a little warm heater on some of the last few cold days.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Cold!

The temp is 10 degrees outside! I took the kids out for 15 minutes to put up a few Christmas lights....crazy aren't we. Please, don't e-mail me in the comments section about how warm you all may be. We don't want to know. Hence, Mr. Potato Head is giving you all a big tongue sticking out! Glaring eyes didn't come with this set.:(

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Going, Going, Gone!

I love these pics of Maria downing her pumpkin pie in her costume.

The Second Thanksgiving Play

Molly and Lucas wanted to get in on the fun so they also came up with a play to perform after Thanksgiving lunch. They chose to do a play about Jay Jay the Jet Plane and his side-kick, Tracy. Only thing was Molly came to me that morning and said, "Mom, quick you have to sew our airplane costumes!"

Yeah right...after I stayed up until 12:30AM hemming with Paul hemming, too, just to be done for Thanksiving afternoon....not gonna happen!!

I think they were cute to get up in front of everyone and ham it up.:)

Finally! Thanksgiving Pics...

I've been pretty much on vacation for the last couple of weeks. For the first of those weeks, busy as usual. For the second of those weeks, enjoying my sister's visit and busy sewing up a storm. I actually had two machines threaded with black thread and the other threaded with white. I'm glad the pilgrims were simple and not too complicated with color!!

Here are a few pics of our feast and a few of the infamous play, "The Pilgrims," in three acts: on the ship, on land, and the starving time.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Project

Again, I've been roped into another project. The girls are very excited about Thanksgiving and have decided to do a play about the Pilgrims. Of course, they need costumes so I have taken on the task of making the outfits. The dresses seem simple enough. The bonnets on the other hand look a little complicated. Has that ever stopped me? Well, no. I like the sewing challenge. And, of course, I have the words of my mother echoing in the backgroung, "If you can read, you can sew!"

Thanks, Mom!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dire Straits

Maria is currently finding herself in a predicament. She has one cent left in her piggy bank! With Christmas nearing and her birthday shortly thereafter, there is fear that she won't have enough money to buy the new American Girl outfit she wants for her doll. Why doesn't she just ask the jolly old elf for this? Well, doubts have been cast on his existence so she and Monica feel they have to fend for themselves. Their thoughts, "If you can't make Christmas for yourself, don't count on Santa!"

Maria resorted to having a garage sale in her room. She gathered up all her most prized worldly treasures and put them up for sale to her siblings. Molly and Lucas both came to me to please get their piggy banks down from the shelf so they could shop at the garage sale. Among the items were her summer sandals, an extensive rock collection, and three dress-up dresses. Here are a few pics.

Our kudos went to loving big sister, Monica, who spent nine dollars at the sale four of which went not for goods, but for the following:

$1 for wonderful setup and display of items

$1 for cleanliness

$1 for good quality items (debateable)

$1 for effort and initiative

Daddy and I love the sign she posted on the railing wooing customers to her "grog sale!" We should probably mention to Maria that in the future a liquor license will have to be applied for in order to have this kind of sale in her room!

Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Been a While

But we're back for now. Last week, we were hit with a violent stomach virus that went one by one through each kid. I'm glad I only got the bug mildly and Daddy was unaffected. He played nurse-maid most of the weekend.:) I told him he wasn't allowed to get sick this time. If he even felt a tinge of the queasies, I told him to get moving and get back to work. Having him and me down at the same time would have been disastrous.

This, of course, is one of the down sides of having a group of children all close in age. Chicken pox would run similarly through our house. Thankfully, Daddy and I have both had chicken pox. We don't vaccinate the kids...we think it's one of those childhood illnesses that builds character! Wicked aren't we!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What a Day!

Today just took the cake in so many ways.

1) I woke up with a roaring sinus infection.
2) Morning breakfast was off by an hour.
3) The waffle iron died after only 4 waffles were made.
4) After a trip to Target to get milk and other groceries, Gabe (briefly unsupervised while I unloaded the rest of the van) pulled a gallon of milk onto the kitchen floor. The container burst open and I found Gabe sitting in a pool of milk ready to play!

In spite of all this, I considered today a victory. For those of you who know my short temper, I acted quite rationally. I didn't scream at anyone and I didn't break down crying. I actually got through it. Yes, a victory!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007


We all love Fall. The leaves, the spices, the colors, the celebrations. It's all very beautiful! Here are a few pics of the kids at our local Halloween Carnival last Friday. Their costumes are as follows:

Monica - Laura Ingalls

Maria - Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Molly - Charlotte the Spider from Charlotte's Web

Lucas - a lion

Gabe - Barney (without the head) The tail on his costume is real cute. Too bad it can't be seen from the pics.

Today we went to a friend and her family's backyard Oktoberfest bash. It was awesome. It didn't cost us a thing and we got free food (although we contributed German potato salad, pumpkin spice bars, and a 12 pack of Spaten), 3 carved pumpkins, and a large stuffed scarecrow. Although, we didn't bring the scarecrow home, we brought the pumpkins and the gewey mess stayed at our friend's house!! Score!

We had great weather for the afternoon...sunny and 60. We all had a great time!
One of these years, we're going to do Oktoberfest in Munich (Munchen for all those Germaphiles) sans costumes, of course, but with stein in hand we'll be clinkin' and drinkin'!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We have phones in all of these areas in the home:

1) our bedroom,
2) our living room
3) the kitchen
4) the office

Currently, the office phone is missing, our bedroom phone was missing for almost a month, and before Daddy made a call tonight he yelled out, "Where's the damn phone!?" We're like a typical technologically wireless family. We just can't keep track of our stuff!:(

Things that make me smile:)

Here are a few things that have made me & Daddy smile lately:

Monica: "We're not counting sheep, we're praying the rosary." (As she and Maria tried to get to sleep tonight)

Maria: How she organized the shoes in the back entryway and offered to scrub the scuffs off the white wall behind the shoe basket.

Molly: "I like spicy things like chili, salsa, and pepper on my macaroni."

Lucas: Screaming the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song at the top of his lungs with none of the correct words.

Gabe: his two syllable grunt for the word "gentle"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nerds R Us

Yesterday, we took 4 of the kids to a rock & fossil show down in Cottage Grove, south of St. Paul. OK, calm down your heckling!! It was actually a lot of fun. As reluctant as I was, I actually did the driving. I can't stand to have Daddy drive us severely triggers my nausea.:( One little rock hound in particular, Maria, loved it. There were a lot of educational demonstrations, crafts, vendors, concessions, and an awesome "put your own little rock collection together" station. Maria walked away with a great display of several different specimens all put together in a nice box. The labels were pre-made and everything was easy as pie to assemble. And cost? I put something in the donation box but it wasn't nearly what the whole day was worth!

For the future, I'm sure the U of M Geology Club could point you in the right direction for your own rock and fossil enthusiasts. Our thanks go to Grandma Carol, our own geology expert, for the tip off on yesterday's show!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Midterms Hitteth

The girls have been studying hard for a bit of testing to occur tomorrow. Daddy & I thought we should test them on what they've learned so far in a few of their subjects. It's nice to go back and review and look at what we've all learned. It's been quite good for me. I'm actually learning quite a bit and the girls are so patient with everything which allays my fears.

We'll keep plugging along come next week, but we might take a day off for some offsite fun. I'm not sure yet what we'll do but I think we all might need a break.:)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

When Chickens Go On Strike

For the last 4 months we've been getting grass-fed beef and organic chicken, eggs, and butter from a Minnesota farm out west. We were cruising along fine until today. We knew that sometimes when you live dependent on the farmers around you things aren't always as convenient as at the grocery store. We learned that today. As I went to our local pick-up site, I noticed that our 2 dozen eggs were nowhere to be found. A gentleman who works at our pick-up site told me the hens are currently not laying or laying very little. He said they believe the weather is affecting their ability to lay as abundantly as the hens have been.:(

OK, I haven't had eggs in a couple days, and I was really looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. Now what to do? But it sure is a nice lesson that you can't always have what you want when you want it. Now isn't life just like that?!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Needing a New Blog Name!

Monica made this cute picture of our family. You can guess the rest!!

I think I'll have to run a little contest for the renaming of our blog.:)

Friday, October 12, 2007

End of the Week

It's been a busy week around here with storytime at the library, preschool classes, doctor appts., and errand running. We've also been deep in the heart of home-schooling as well. We are enjoying the work and schedule which is getting a bit more relaxed. It's nice to see that we can be flexible with our days and take breaks when we need to.

As far as getting out with friends, we need to do a bit more of this, but the cold weather isn't helping much. In any case, the kids are enjoying each other and making up enough games to keep themselves interested and occupied.

I'm really enjoying it which reminds me I should snap pics more often of some of their projects.:) More to come!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birthday Boy!

We celebrated Lucas's birthday today. He's been in anticipation of his birthday for the whole week. Every morning he would wake up and ask if today was his birthday. This morning, we were finally able to say, "Yes!" Here are a few pics of the festivities. We invited another family to celebrate the day. Lucas loves their son, Eli and his cousin, Jacob. He hasn't figured out that Eli's sister, Rivers, exists; but I'm sure it's only a matter of time...she's a cutie!

We kept cracking up at how he is always so camera-ready!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Fall Days

I have to get some pics of the trees and the leaf-lined streets in our neighborhood. It feels like Fall; rainy and cool with a bit of humidity and so much color around. I had a dream as a kid of living in Vermont (I secretly had a crush on Robert Frost...I love his poetry!), but Minnesota is so close to that. It's very beautiful here in every season. I made an apple crisp earlier this week just to break out the fall spices. The baking filled the house with the smell of Fall and the kids and Daddy loved it. And I was in heaven...human, Fall heaven!

Later with those pics...I promise!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Speed Demon

We went for a walk/bike ride around the block this afternoon. Each of the kids has their own bike or they just keep graduating to a bigger bike. Monica has a larger two-wheeler, Maria is using Monica's first two-wheeler, Molly is now using Maria's two-wheeler with training wheels (she gets better everyday!), and Lucas has inherited the girls' tricycle. He's crazy on his trike! I let him ride along the side of the street and he was able to keep up for most of the walk. It's so cute to see the little speed demon with his bike helmet half-cocked!

Friday, September 28, 2007

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

I just had to snap a pic of Molly this afternoon sporting her little pink headband as eyewear. I had a flashback to the movie Sixteen Candles. If any of you remember the scene of the dance in the gym with the nerds lined up against a wall, here's another pic of one of Anthony Michael Hall's friends in the film! Now I'm really dating myself.

Imaginative Play

I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating my lunch while the kids are out back playing. It's fun to hear them! They typically speak with British accents (they are heavily influenced by the following movies: Sense & Sensibility, The Sound of Music & The Railway Children) and pretend they are orphans.

Today's theme: they have been abandoned so Monica is preparing a fish dinner for the younger children while Maria is washing clothes in a pretend stream.

I never know quite what time period they are in but one day I should surprise them with a Victorian era costume rental of a rich aristocrat or a scullery maid. I'm not sure which would be more exciting.

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!

8:45AM: I step out of the shower to shouts and wails in the hallway only to see that a snow globe was propelled by Gabey only to shatter (glass, water & glitter) all over the carpet and hardwood floor in Molly and Lucas' entryway to their room!

12:30PM: As Lucas watches for Grandma from a recliner near our front windows, he decides to put the venetian blind cords around his neck like a noose. Nursing the baby, I decide to reach back and take him down from the recliner so he can get his shoes on. I notice that he isn't coming down and realize that he is hanging from the cords!! I've never been so scared in my life! He was fine except for some horrible cord burns around his neck...awful feeling to say the least.

3:00PM: Lucas has a head on collision with another little boy at his preschool program which results in a throbbing bump on the side of his head. Oh, there were tears!

I don't know what it is with boys, but all I can say is, "UNCLE!!"

I considered purchasing The Dangerous Book for Boys but I'm now rethinking this!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Madeline Island 2007 Fall Trip

So we're back from a weekend filled with camping adventures. It was rough, but very fun and we have the pics to prove it! The kids and we parents had a great time. It was great to get away and see another beautiful view of the upper Midwest. We drove up on Friday afternoon/evening and made it just in time to take the 11PM ferry from Bayfield over to La Pointe, WI. It was rocky setting up our camper and bedding down for the night but we managed to get everyone down by 1AM.:( A little frustrating, but worth it in the end!

Here are a few of the funny comments along the way:

Monica: That's the healthiest snack anyone's ever given us. (Commenting on the carrots and grapes Cousin Morris gave them out of his garden.)
Maria: I miss Madeline Island already (on the drive today up to Duluth).
Molly: Ride over! (As we came down from the 535 bridge across the St. Louis river from Superior to Duluth)
Lucas: We want our money back. (After we refused to play any more Nursery Rhymes on the tape deck.)
Gabey: Nana! (He ate a lot of bananas this weekend.)

To say the least it was an awesome trip. I tried to upload our photo album so I could get all the photos out to everyone quickly. I hope it works!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Again, I forgot my camera!

I felt like a real loser last night and again today. Molly started a community ballet class and looked so cute in her ballet outfit. She is a very enthusiastic little girl and had a great time telling her instructor that she is not shy!

Today, Molly & Lucas began a little preschool program in Minneapolis called The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. It was so cute to watch them (secretly) play in the "atrium." I wished I would have taken my camera. But I didn't so I'll have to remember it for next week.

School's going pretty good so far. We are working ourselves into a groove with our schedule and the discipline necessary to get the work done. We're all learning a lot and not just about History, Math, and Latin. I think we're learning how to live and work well with each other. These are definately some good life lessons.

Monday, September 17, 2007

First School Board Meeting

Our school board consists of one: ME! I make the motions, second them, and vote (usually, for whatever I think should happen school-wise). So, Daddy, had his Science class cut for the week due to scheduling conflicts and, of course, said the following in true disgruntled faculty style:

"Again, Science gets the axe!"

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You Asked For It!

I'm finally posting a pic of myself. I actually went out this evening and met a friend (another homeschooling mom in the area) for coffee. It was nice to get out and speak to another adult female for a change! Since I put on make-up, I thought why waste the opportunity. It's been a pretty amazing last few months with my new food plan, seeing a nutritionist, and rediscovering the wonders of the human body. I don't ever remember being the weight I am right now. More than that, I'm really enjoying life with a renewed sense of energy and vigor. One thing I've never been able to say before, "I skinned my elbow going down a tube slide with Lucas!" Now that's a miracle.

What a Week

OK, second week of school done! It's actually been pretty fun and laid back this week. We all enjoyed the climate's getting colder, a Thursday outing, and a little play this evening. We've been studying about the Netherlands and Scotland in History to go along with our study of the late 1500's. The girls learned about Mary Queen of Scots on Wednesday and yesterday we went to a fabric store to select plaids in order to make tartan sashes. We tried to research each tartan and found that Maria's came from the Stewart clan. We could not find Monica's. Today, Monica sewed the sashes (all straight stitching so it was pretty easy for her to do alone) with a little assistance from me with the ironing and finishing hems. Molly joined the older girls in a play this evening re-enacting the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Here are some of the pics. My favorite parts were Molly wearing a play sword as both Scottish and English soldiers and Maria holding up Mary's head (she used a teapot instead)!
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