Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The journey begins!

Well, we finally decided to start a catalog of our life with our children. So much happens around here & we look back at night & wish we could share some of the "overheards", amazing questions, and not so fun & super-challenging moments that we have with our kids. What a great way to have these moments archived...that's if we don't fall asleep before we can get to another posting!

We have 5 beautiful children:
Monica - very smart, loves to read & very observant - 7
Maria - kindhearted, very artistic & detail-oriented - 5
Molly - spirited, super-joyful and vivacious - 3
Lucas - testing Mommy's patience, daily - 2
Baby Gabriel - his new feat is spitting - almost 7 mos.

What made me (Mommy) smile today: I came home this evening to find Maria perusing an American Girl catalog after watching the movie Caddie Woodlawn (Native Americans play a role in this movie).

Maria: Mommy, guess what AG doll I want?
Mommy: Kaya?
Maria: Yes! (Sigh) The Indian way is so cool! (Sigh) Indians are so cool!
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